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===== デザイナー 芝崎るみより =========

Icarus: Make Courage One's Friend

This design is inspired by the story of Daedalus and Icarus from Greek mythology.
They upset the king and are imprisoned in a labyrinth. In order to escape, they hardened the wings of a bird with wax, used them to make themselves wings, and flew into the sky.
Daedalus, Icarus' father, advised Icarus, to stay away from the sun because the wax covering the wings will melt in the heat.
However, Icarus, who had tasted the feeling of flying freely, was overconfident and flew toward the sun god, Helios.
As a result, the heat of the sun melted the wax covering the wings and Icarus fell to his death.

However, the song we sang about Icarus in elementary school was one of bravery and left a very positive impression on me.

"But we inherited the courage of Icarus's iron and flew toward tomorrow. We have the courage to live strongly. Make courage one's friend."
"Dakedo bokura wa ikarosu no tetsu no yūki o uketsuide ashita e mukai tobitatta bokura wa tsuyoku ikiteiku yūki hitotsu wo tomo ni shite"

===== by Designer Rumi Shibasaki =========


Theo α is a cool and comfortable new synthetic fiber that has a higher water absorption rate than cotton material and is suitable for hot weather.
It's easy to handle because it maintains a dry feeling even when you sweat, and it doesn't wrinkle easily.
It can be machine washed (in a washing net), dries quickly, and doesn't require ironing, making it easy to handle.

ネットに入れて弱水流洗濯機 漂白せず 乾燥機ではなく軽く絞って陰干し 気になったところ低温アイロン

Wash it in a washing net on a gentle cycle. Do not bleach it. Instead of using a dryer, wring it out lightly and dry it in the shade.



【Unisex Yukata "Icarus"】

【Fabric】Theo α (100% Polyester)




*Obi, eri, and other small accessories are not included.
*The placement of the design, etc. may vary slightly depending on the size and tailoring.
*The order will take about 40 days to be completed upon confirmation of payment.




【About Sizes and Tailoring】

Please choose one of the sizing/tailoring options below when ordering.

For more information on tailoring, please see the following page

・Sサイズ 手ミシン仕立て(レディース身長150センチ前後)
・Mサイズ 手ミシン仕立て(レディース身長158センチ前後)
・Lサイズ 手ミシン仕立て(レディース身長165センチ前後)

・Small [Hand-machine sewn] (For women, up to a height of about 150 cm)
・Medium [Hand-machine sewn] (For women, up to a height of about 158 cm)
・Large [Hand-machine sewn] (For women, up to a height of about 165 cm)
・Order-made [Hand sewn] (bachi eri or mens’ eri, and without ishiki-ate)