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===== デザイナー 芝崎るみより =========

Rumi Rock "Quantum" Yukata

In this age, personal information is everything. All sorts of information can be found just by searching the internet. Both big data and private entities have access to it. It can all be surveilled via a quantum computer.
Kikko uranai, runes, Bagua. Humans have used all sorts of fortune-telling to try to predict the future. Perhaps, at some point, the future predicted by quantum computers will also be treated as one such method of fortune-telling.
We all have a future right at our feet.
===== by Designer Rumi Shibasaki =========

【サイズ】幅約38cm 長さ約12.5m 

【Fabric】100% Cotton
【Width】approximately 38 cm
【Length】approximately 12.5 m 


*Obi, eri, and other small accessories are not included.
*The pictures above are examples. The placement of the design, etc. may vary slightly depending on the size and tailoring.
*The order will take about 40 days to be completed upon confirmation of payment.


【Notice】About Chusen Dyed Products
These products are hand-dyed one by one, so the color may vary slightly. Although we have taken great care in having this product dyed, there may be a darker area along the portions of the fabric that are folded when dying (approximately every 1 meter). Please understand that this is an unavoidable characteristic of full-scale chusen dying.
When washing at home, please place this product inside a washing net and wash it separately from other items.
If you would like the texture of the fabric to remain firm, please lightly apply washing glue, don’t tumble dry, and after removing the excess water, dry it in the ideal shape (using a hanger, etc.) in the shade (in order to maintain the color).
The product’s color may fade, so please be careful of leaving it to soak for too long.
The color may also transfer, so please avoid washing it together with white items.


【About Sizes and Tailoring】
Please choose one of the sizing/tailoring options below when ordering.
For more information on tailoring, please see the following page